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The Law Offices of Tamara Benefield is a boutique firm located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California dedicated to the practice of Family Law, Real Estate Litigation and Probate/Trust Contests. Ms. Benefield is a highly trained trial advocate with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Juris Doctorate of Law which she earned from Loyola Law School.

She graduated Loyola Law School honored as one its top five Public Interest Scholars. Ms. Benefield was recruited to a top rated downtown firm before she graduated from Law School and is pursuing her dreams of helping people and businesses through the practice of law.

Firm Philosophy & directive

Her philosophy on the practice of law is derived from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Justice of the Supreme Court from 1902 -1932. He wrote:

The Law is the witness and external deposit of our moral life. Its history is the history of the moral development of the race. The practice of it, inspite of popular jests, tends to make good citizens and good men. When I emphasize the difference between law and morals I do so with reference to a single end, that of learning and understanding the law. For that purpose you must definitely master its specific marks... What constitutes the Law?..You will find some text writers telling you... that it is a system of reason, that it is a deduction from principles of ethics or admitted axioms or what not... But if we take the view of... a bad man we shall find that he does not care two straws for the axioms and deductions, but that he does want to know what the Massachusetts or English courts are likely to do in fact. I am much of this kind. The prophecies of what courts will do in fact, and nothing more pretentious, are what I mean by the law.

The Law is a powerful defining force to a family crisis, the loss of a loved one, the decline of a business or in resolving competing claims to rights and interests in real property. The Law Offices of Tamara Benefield will assist you in understanding how the law applies to your life, your children, your home, and to the people and things you care about most. Her practical, straight-forward and strong woman style render the practice of law an applied science, not a theoretical construct for the law student. This is a practice founded on intellectual fortitude, mental determination and a compassion for people. Ms Benefield is brilliant and devotes her time and energy helping real people and businesses find legal remedies to real problems. Take action, call now and let an information based approach assist you in making life decisions that will be meaningful and helpful to you and your future.

Firm History

The firm opened in August 2004. Originally located in Rancho Palos Verdes, one year after opening, The Law Offices of Tamara Benefield expanded its operations into a full service law firm with its headquarters in Beverly Hills, and a large branch office in Culver City. The firm has since expanded into a full service operation with the latest legal research systems and software to keep the client informed, up-to-date, and involved in their case development.  

Ms. Benefield is a licensed mortgage broker and is pursuing specialist certification in family law and estate planning.